Monday, April 19, 2010

Teaching in Tilburg

I just completed three days at the Textile School of Karina Van Vught in Tilburg. I had 12 amazing students from Holland, Germany, Sweden and Belgium. They all did terrific work, and all predominantly have textile backgrounds. I fell in love with every one of them. Kim was my assistant for this workshop, and she did a terrific job.
Click THIS LINK to view site with photos of our 3 days together.


barb cabot said...

Such exciting news. Loved the workshop photos. Wonderful for you and your students as well. Congrats. Greatness!

Shirley said...

Have you visited the small quiltshop, just a bit further down the road from the Textile museum in Tilburg? very Jane Austen-ish, but so nice, Dorry had lovely fabrics.

Stephanie Clayton said...

Some really beautiful work here! Thank you for sharing your workshop photos.