Saturday, September 18, 2010

Korea-Day 15 Seoul Design Fair

Today we visited the Seoul Design Fair. Again an inspiration. This year, because I'm in a paper frame of mind, this mostly what I responded to. We walked until we dropped, came home and packed and repacked. Our tradition has been to go to the mandu (dumpling) restaurant, Koong for our last meal. We met Jung Shin's husband Sung Ho Cho, who was an absolutely delightful person. We hope to see both of them again, either here or in the US a-vay (Thank you Nancy V. for that)!
 Wall of Korean characters that morph
This quick movie is based on Korean characters forming patterns.
Screen with inlay work forming graphic pattern.
You get the message.
Wall of laser cut paper
In the book arts section, these cubes had words cut out on all sides. The light coming through the holes was spectac.
Plexiglass sculptural lighting in front of a wall composed of paper "leaves"
Peg board walls with pink and white pencils inserted in the holes, forming shapes and patterns
Judy's fabulous packing job with some of our one inch hake brushes!

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Bobby said...

Looks like a really good design fair. I wish design was bigger in NZ creative culture.