Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day off in Brisbane

We started the day with retrieving a cuppy-cake or giant muffin for Desmond. We walked all over the city to find a wonderful farmer's market, and right across the street the Brisbane Library. There are several of these stacked bright rectangles with wacko windows.
Then on to the GoMa, the Gallery of Modern Art.
This hilarious sculpture reads Live from Briz Vegas. Perpetual Xmas. No Abstractions. We were told before we arrived in Brisbane besides being referred to as Briz Vegas, they also call it Brissie and Brisneyland. We were instructed to wear our gold bling.
Their collection faces Asia; they tend to show more Asian art. We saw an enormous exhibition of the Torres Strait Islands.
detail of Baldam (Shark Constellation) 2006 by Dennis Nona.
There was also a great show of very young emerging artists. This garment, titled Starving, by Shalisa Sanderson is for you, Rose Sellery! On the right is the detail-yes plastic forks
 We then stopped into the State Library of Queensland, or the slq.
We were instructed by the lovely Janet de Boer to go up to the Bookarts floor. I especially loved the work of Mel Robson, one titled A Secret History.
Kim gets really silly reflecting the message on this sign for Darky Roots.


jessica simpson bangs said...

You deserved it guys. I wish i could have that kind of travel.

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