Monday, January 02, 2006

News, Movies and Inspiration

In Molly Ivens column today, she said, "Isn't it amazing how often all you have to do to be a hero is to stand up and tell the truth?"

I like reading the letters to the editor, especially the ones that are on my side. It's good to hear what real people are thinking out there. I know the Pirate reads letters to the editor from papers from all around the world. That would be an excellent adventure and luxury for me. I'm more of a looker than a reader. Well, I used to be more of a looker than I am now! You know that gravity thing.

Dave Berry has a hilarious column today, recapping 2005.

With any luck, we will as my friend Jane says, Cross the Pond, and see a movie or two on the other side today. Although we have a lovely art theatre here, The Clyde, is a bit limited in its screenings. I do adore it, and the popcorn ranks in my top 5. The Nick in Santa Cruz is my all time fave. Hopefully we'll get caught up on our movies, and see Brokeback Mountain and or the Producers. We did see Geisha in PT. I am stuck on an image, from the film for which I'd like to do an artpiece or two. The scene where she is running down the hallway of vertical painted or laquered elements in which the upper portion are a chinese red/vermillion, and the lower elements are a charcoal/black. Mmmm. It sticks in my memory as all good ideas do. They keep coming back to me, until I set them down in some way. Here is the trailer.

There it is, my ever present vocabulary. Vertical elements, dots and the grid. What more could a girl want? Well of course, color, but that is another story.


Kim Tyler said...

I beg to disagree. You are still very much a looker! And a hero, because you always tell your truth with your art and your words.

robin andrea said...

I have to agree with sigrid jardin. Dotty Stripes is quite beautiful.

Daniella Woolf said...


Taradharma said...

Did you know that the Nick has added the Del Mar to it's 'chain?' It is showing good movies, too. It will be raining tomorrow -- a perfect day for a movie matinee.