Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Van's Shoes at Urban Arts Show

Installing the piece Van's Shoes, AKA Replace Sole and Heels at the PVAC Gallery for the Urban Arts Show which opens on June 30, and runs through August 14. The reception is on July 10 from 1-3:30 p.m.
 Judy photographing install in progress

Over the top
how the work cascades
From a distance, the room is consumed by the art
How did this all come about? Last year, my dear friend and sometimes assistant, Melody was getting some of her vintage shoes restored at Van's Shoes on East Lake in Watsonville. This is probably the best place in Santa Cruz County for shoe repairs. She spied a container with lots of tags written out with the shoe repair instructions. Of course the mark making is quite wonderful.  Knowing me oh so well, she asked if they were throwing away the tags. "We keep them for a few months, then we throw them out," was the response. So Melody asked if she could have them. When I arrived home from traveling, she said, "You'll never believe what I scored for you!" In the studio was a black plastic bag half full with these gems. Oh, this woman knows a treasure when she sees one! I knew that Judy had organized the Urban Arts Show at PVAC, and thought that this piece would be the perfect work  for this show, as Van's store is about 2 blocks from the PVAC Gallery. The show is fantastic-be sure to see it!


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